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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Month of Menus


I'm up to 20% off my groceries at Giant Eagle so today's the day I buy a month of meat at once. I used to do this -- buy a month of meat -- all the time, when I bought my meat at the butcher shop. I bought 10 or 20 pounds of chicken, brought it home, divided it up and wrapped it for freezing. The same with ground meat, stew meat. I always liked knowing that I had a big store of meat in the freezer (unless we had a storm and the power threatened to go off -- then it's not such a good feeling). SO I have planned a month of meals, though I have not assigned them places yet -- it all depends upon our schedule. I'll probably still post weekly menus, so I can look at our schedule, assign a meal to each day and make my grocery list for the pantry staples, dairy products and produce.

You can see as I made my list that I bunched like dishes together (because in my mind I made the "logical" jump from one dish to something similar). Obviously when I schedule them each week, I will put like dishes in different weeks.

Another note -- it may look like we will be eating a lot of ground beef and chicken, and yes, we are. It seems I picked a week in which Giant Eagle has mostly cuts of chicken and beef on sale. I threw a pork dish or two into the menu, but those cuts were not on sale, so just a few. The lunch meat, breakfast meats I buy at my discount grocer, so I pick those up when I buy my staples and produce. Also when I schedule each week, I'll post specific links to things listed generically as salad, potato salad, pasta salad.

Skillet Stroganoff, vegetable or salad

Grilled Blackened Chicken and Pepper Corn, bread

3) Shrimp, Peppers and Grits,
bread, fruit

4) Chicken Tamale Casserole, fruit

5) Chipotle Beef Stew in Squash Boats, bread

6) Greek Pasta topped with Grilled Chicken Breast, bread, fruit

7) Steak Diane, garlic mashed potatoes, green vegetable

8) Creamy Taco Mac, green vegetable, fruit

9) Pizza, salad

10) Tostada Pizza

11) Grilled Burgers, Onion Rings

12) Meatloaf and Mushroom Gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable

13) Hot dogs with Chili Sauce, potato salad, fruit

14) Italian Chicken Sausage sandwiches, peppers and onions, pasta salad

15) Buttermilk Brined Grilled drumsticks and thighs, Cabbage Slaw, grilled potatoes

16) Chicken Drumsticks and Thighs with Hoisin Molasses BBQ sauce, salad, bread

17) BBQ ribs, potato salad, bread, fruit salad

18) Grilled T-bone steaks, baked potatoes, Saturday Night Vidalia Onions

19) BLT and C Salad, bread, fruit

20) Denver Fritatta, muffins

21) Turkey Reuben, Baked onion rings, Chocolate malts

22) Beef Barbecue sandwiches, Cabbage slaw, tater tots

23) Chicken Philly Sandwiches, chips, fruit

24) Slow-Cooker BBQ Beef Sandwiches, cabbage slaw, chips

25) Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore, pasta, salad

26) Slowcooker Carnitas, black beans, rice

27) Appetizers for supper: grilled chicken wings, potato skins, cowboy caviar

28) Cincinnati Chili, spaghetti

29) Baked Steak in Tangy Tomato Sauce, mashed potatoes, buttered corn

20) H0memade tacos , fruit

* Tried and true
* new to me



Crafty P said...

wow. I am amazed. one day I will get here. maybe

I love the idea of fruit with tacos. I never quite know what to serve with them- I love black beans with lime, but the kids, not so much.
I made tacos for the boys to have for dinner tomorrow as I will not be here. I also threw a cucumber salad together to go with it. yum!

Heidi said...

Very interesting! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and you are an inspiration to me. It is so helpful to get meal ideas and some great recipes too. Thanks so much!

Heidi in NJ

LauraSuz said...

Hey Barbara - on no. 26 do you think I could substitute pork butt for shoulder? I have some in the freezer that I need to use.

Unknown said...

Yup. That's what I bought. :-)