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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Recipe Review -- Chicken Philly Sandwiches

You may have noticed, from looking at my menus, that I try quite a few new recipes each week. I can't decide if I pursue new recipes to keep my hungry eaters happy, or to keep things hoppin' in the kitchen. Maybe it's a little of both.

Most often when I make a new recipe, I make it "my way." In other words, I alter ingredients or method to suit my family's taste, or budgetary or dietary needs. But, occasionally I make the recipe just as it's been published (or at least almost).

I've decided to add a new feature on my blog -- Recipe Review. I will use this title when I find a recipe that I have made as published and found it to be a six-thumbs-up recipe. In addition to posting the link to the recipe here, I will label it as I label the posts in which I post a recipe (that was confusing). So, if you are looking for a specific recipe, say a chicken recipe, you can click on chicken in the sidebar and you will find the posts with links to good recipes, as well as posted recipes.

This first Recipe Review is for a recipe I used last week. It was a huge hit -- each of the children raved about it and said they all requested it be put on the menu again. Partly it was hit, in my opinion, because we rarely have sandwiches for dinner. Sandwiches are sort of a party food and inspire a party atmosphere at our dinner table. But, the flavor of these sandwiches was really good. I think it must be the combination of the peppers, onion, vinegar and hot pepper sauce.

I did alter this recipe just a tad. I used leftover chicken (from my Sunday roasted chicken), which to me is even further proof that it's a good recipe -- if leftover chicken tasted good, it must be great with fresh chicken. I would not hesitate to use leftover chicken again -- it did not taste at all leftover and I'm sensitive to that flavor. But, I will try it again with fresh chicken, too -- sometime very soon.

The recipe can be found here. It's low in fat -- a Cooking Light recipe -- and wouldn't be very pricey if you used leftover chicken like I did. Just buy a chicken bigger than you really need for one meal (or buy two when you can get buy-one-get-one like I did) and use the leftovers. And to be really budget-conscious, be sure to boil the chicken carcass after you've taken all the chicken off (like this).


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