Merciful God, You are great in compassion and Your tenderness for us is without measure. We ask You to give us today our daily bread, and also provide for the needs of all of Your hungry children around the world. Through Christ Your Son and Our Lord. Amen.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekly Menu

This week I noticed that my freezer and pantry are really full, which means I'm buying food when I don't need to. So this week is "clean out the pantry and freezer and only buy what's necessary week." Less time spent at the grocer is always a good thing.

Fortunately, I have plenty. And I really mean
fortunate -- because we are. But, that doesn't mean I will take for granted our abundance. I appreciate and use it for all it's worth. For example, I have two packages of split chicken breasts in the freezer. I bought them when they were buy-one-get-one and I didn't need them at the time. So when I make a casserole this Sunday, I will boil all of the chicken, save half for another meal, and save the stock for another meal, as well. Waste not, want not. The chicken was $5 and not a bit will be wasted.

I think in these lean times, everyone has to look carefully at how much waste we have. I'm not saying we're desperate, but if we are frugal now, we will hopefully not be desperate later. I am continually amazed that even though our media tells us we're in a recession, and folks can't pay their mortgages, yet they still find a few bucks to spend on a
Starbuck's frappuccino every day. If every one looked at the waste in their lives, this economy might not be in the shape it's in.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now.

Lunch: Skyline chili
Dinner: Pepperoni Pizza and Sun-dried Tomato and Artichoke Pizza

Lunch: grab a bite out
Dinner: Chicken and Rice Casserole (this is a different twist on a chicken casserole and I'll post the recipe -- it's one of Doug's favorites and I haven't fixed it in a long time), peas and carrots, canned fruit, muffins

Lunch: sandwiches
Dinner: Hash Brown Quiche
, Lemon Poppy Seed Bread, applesauce

Lunch: Cheese
quesadillas and tomato soup
Teriyaki Pork Chops, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, fresh fruit

Wednesday -- Feast of St. Teresa of Avila
Lunch: Pancakes
Dinner: Wedding Soup
, Spanish Bread, Flan

Lunch: Wendy's chili
Penne pasta and Bolognese, salad, bread

Lunch: Poached eggs and toast
Dinner: Tilapia Chowder, corn bread

* Tried and true
* New to me


1 comment:

Kathleen Miller said...

Great post Barbara. I think we do need to be less wasteful and more frugal. My plans this week are to share some of our "fullness in the freezer" with a local homeless shelter.

Also, my ongoing decluttering projects. This week it is the garage and upstairs guest bedroom/playroom.
I just am amazed how many bags of stuff I can gather up and take to our local resale shop. No matter how hard I try to simplify- the stuff seems to multiply.

God Bless!