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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recipe Reviews


Last week I tried several new recipes, all of which, I am happy to report, were easy and delicious. They were all six-thumbs-up recipes according to the troops. Sadly, I have no pictures. You'll just have to follow the links to see the real deal. I made modifications to all of the recipes. My notes are below:

French Toast Cups: These little French Toast Cups were a huge hit. The bad news is, I can't really say I used the recipe. The good news is, you don't need a recipe. I knew my kids would not eat them with apple chunks in them (picky, picky!), so I ditched the recipe. Winging it, I just cracked a few eggs in a bowl, added some milk, a little sugar (maple syrup would be good, too), and some vanilla (cinnamon if you like that). I threw in some bread cubes until the mixture was moistened, but not soggy. I sprayed the muffin tins and then scooped the bread cubes with an ice cream scoop and plopped them in the tins. I baked them (I think at 350) until they were golden brown, and then drizzled them with a little powdered sugar glaze after plating them. Actually very easy -- and very yummy. Sort of a mini bread pudding, but not as moist or as sweet.

Paula's Hash Brown Quiche: Really yummy, this one. The kids are not usually big quiche fans, so I made only one and then they all said, "that's all there is?" Next time I'll make two. The crust was good -- definitely potato-y, but since it gets crisp, it's almost like potato chips, or fries. The filling was creamy and tasty. I left out the green onions because I just didn't want to hear complaints. I had intentions of chopping some green onions and sprinkling them on top of mine and Doug's, but ended up forgetting. They weren't missed. This would also be a great brunch dish (although it takes an hour to bake), or a special occasion breakfast.

Slow Cooker BBQ Beef: I actually never tasted this dish. I went out out to dinner with a friend (high end Chinese -- at least the company was good) and Doug served. They all raved about it. In fact, I had to beat a few of them off with a wooden spoon as I was shredding the meat. They all said it was a definite repeat meal and since the Eye of Round roast was on sale, it was not too expensive. One change I made was to halve the lemon juice. We like our barbecue on the sweet side, and I knew a half cup was too much, so I put in just a quarter cup.


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Barb, sfo said...

Those Cinnamon Toast Cups would be a great way to use up the "bread heels" and the "crusts" from Little Brother's lunches. He likes his bread cut with cookie cutters or the Pampered Chef sandwich-pocket thingy. Usually I save the crusts for turkey stuffing, but I only need to make that once or twice a year.