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Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Breakfast

Jamie requested more prepare-ahead breakfast recipes, and I happen to have quite a few that have already been posted here over the years, so I'm gathering them up and posting them with their links.

The muffins and scones can all be frozen and then reheated in the oven. Scones can be placed right in a hot oven from the freezer (I only freeze scones that have not been iced, because the icing does not reheat so well), but I usually let muffins thaw overnight. If you have forgotten to thaw the muffins, or you just can't make up your mind about what you want until the coffee is brewing in the morning, take a frozen muffin and defrost it for one minute in the microwave (about 30% power). One minute should be about all you need, maybe another 15 seconds or so. You can do the same thing with the coffee cake -- and it's so good you might want to pull out two pieces instead of one.

When I bake for the freezer I place muffins and scones in a freezer bag and then place them inside another freezer bag. It sounds like excess, but I really do think it keeps baked goods better. I individually wrap the coffee cake and then place the wrapped pieces inside a freezer bag.

The Baked Oatmeal can be prepared during the day, baked in the evening, and then refrigerated until morning. I can eat off of a pan of Baked Oatmeal all week -- just place a portion in a bowl, pour some milk or cream on top and them microwave on medium until hot.

The same goes for the breakfast casseroles. Just wrap the baked casserole tightly and store in the refrigerator, taking as many portions as desired and heating them in the microwave on medium until hot.


Kathy said...

Another good resource for make ahead & freeze meals is . They have lots of free recipes on their website. I've been using them for about six years and enjoy the freedom of having something homemade and ready to go. Some things are prep ahead & freeze, others are make ahead & freeze.

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, my goodness!! Ask and you shall receive!!

I can't wait to try that baked oatmeal!! And the scones, great idea to freeze them!

(now I just need a baking day!)

You labeled it "Breakfast" so it will be so easy to find this great post!

Baked oatmeal tomorrow....check!
Thank you so much Barbara!

Deborah said...

Jamie - the baked oatmeal is AWESOME! :D

This is such a great idea Barbara - the make ahead breakfasts. I also feel kind of guilty about giving the kids cereal (Paul thinks I'm insane, says everyone eats cereal) so the idea of being able to have a hot breakfast on the table in no-time is just great! I made a batch of your French toast on Sunday and I think we'll try the toaster method tomorrow! YUM!

baby crib said...

I have been so busy in my job so I can't prepare a good breakfast for my kids. I think this is good list of great breakfast that I can serve them. Thank you for this list.

Jamie Jo said...


I'm eating my delicious bowl of "Barbara's Baked Oatmeal" and it's so delicious!!!

I already love oatmeal.

This is what I heard this morning:
Nicholas: "This is the best oatmeal I've ever had!"

Katherine: "I don't even usually like oatmeal, Look mom, I ate 1/2 of it" (she's my picky one)

Clare: "This is gooooood" "it tastes like a big oatmeal cookie!"

Angela just kept pouring her warm milk on it, I think the warm milk was her favorite thing....

Bridget: "mmmmuummm, mummmmm"
She recently has decided that she does not like baby cereal anymore or baby fruit (her usual breakfast) and doesn't like eggs or much else we it was good to find something she likes!

Everyone said: "Can we have this again?"

Thanks so much Barbara!
next we'll try making the Chocolate Cherry Chip Scones....

Jamie Jo said...

Oh, yeah, we are going to try making the granola today too.

scmom (Barbara) said...

I'm with Clare -- JUST like oatmeal cookie! I'm glad they all enjoyed it. It's such an easy thing. ;-)
And thanks for the nice feedback. You're sweet.

Jamie Jo said...

You get those wierd anonymous comments too?

We tried the granola today!!!!!
Wow! Was that ever good!! I don't think we could ever eat store bought again!!

The rest is in our freezer waiting for another day!
Thanks Barbara!