Merciful God, You are great in compassion and Your tenderness for us is without measure. We ask You to give us today our daily bread, and also provide for the needs of all of Your hungry children around the world. Through Christ Your Son and Our Lord. Amen.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Menu


We have fun feast days ahead next week -- St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday and St. Joseph's Day on Thursday. I can't wait to celebrate and the kids are getting excited too. While most of the country will be eating Corned Beef and Cabbage on Tuesday (with green beer -- blech!), I banned it from the feast day menu after finding out the this particular dish has no roots in Ireland. I can't resist the lure of the sales on corned beef, though, so we'll enjoy the dish (New England Boiled Dinner) on Sunday. On St. Patrick's Day we'll have a lovely Shepherd Pie, Green Peas, and Soda Bread, followed by green frosted sugar cookies -- probably not a meal enjoyed by St. Patrick himself, but a good, festive meal nonetheless. For Thursday, we're having a special Italian meal. St. Joseph is revered by many Italian-Americans for his great miracle of the famine, so we'll eat like Italians.

Lunch: Skyline
Dinner: Guacamole Cheddar Burgers,
Oven Zucchini Fries and Ranch Dip, Pickled Beets, Deviled Eggs

Lunch: grab a bite out
Dinner: New England Dinner, Tapioca pudding

Lunch: Egg sandwiches
Dinner: Country Ribs, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots

Tuesday -- Feast of St. Patrick
Lunch: grilled ham and cheese sandwiches
Dinner: Shepherd Pie, Bacon and Peas, Irish Soda Bread, Green Frosted Sugar Cookies

Lunch: Wendy's Chili
Dinner: Poorman's Meal, buttered corn

Thursday -- Feast of St. Joseph
Lunch: Chicken snack wraps
Dinner: Chicken Cacciatore, butter pasta, bread, Raspberry Cream Cupcakes

Lunch: Baked Potatoes
Dinner: Salmon Patties, Macaroni and Cheese, peas, fruit

* Tried and true
* New to me


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