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Monday, March 16, 2009

Deviled Eggs for My Men


I never met a man who didn't dive into a plate of deviled eggs the way a kid dives into a bowl of candy. My own husband was probably fed deviled eggs in the high chair, so I guess it's comfort food for him, but my own sons are the same way, as is every other man I've ever fed deviled eggs to. It's a good thing they're cheap!

We had the season's first grilled burgers on Saturday night and I made a dozen deviled eggs to go with. They were cold and creamy and good to the last bite! I use my mini Cuisinart to make them in just minutes, but you can do the same thing with a standard Cuisinart, or even a fork and spoon. You can really do different things with deviled eggs seasoning-wise, but I pretty much stick to standard. They're a little tangy, a little sweet and a little salty.

And thanks to my Aunt Lois who gave me this darling egg plate over 23 years ago.

Deviled Eggs

one dozen eggs, hard boiled and peeled
(use my tried and true method found here)
2 T. mayonnaise
3 T. Miracle Whip
1 t. yellow mustard
2 t. cider vinegar
1 t. Worchestershire

a couple dashes Tabasco

salt and pepper to taste

Cut eggs in half lengthwise.
Scoop out the yellow and place in the bowl of the Cuisinart
(If you don't have a food processor, put them in a medium-sized bowl).

Reserve whites.
Pulse the yolks for about 15 seconds until the are crumbly.
(If you're not using a processor,
mash them with a fork until they're pretty smooth.)
Add mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, mustard, vinegar, and Worchestershire.

Pulse for about 30 seconds until completely combined
(or stir with a spoon until combined).
Season with salt, pepper and Tabasco.

Pulse until combined and scrapes the sides of the bowl
(or stir and scrape).
Pulse again and taste.
Adjust seasoning if necessary.
Scoop out the yolk filling by the teaspoonful
(I use an infant spoon to make it easier)
and place the filling back into the egg white.
Sprinkle with paprika
(only because that's the way the women-folk in my family do it).



Barb, sfo said...

MMMM! I want some!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

My daughter loves deviled eggs and requested them for St. Patrick's day. This post is my reminder. :)

scmom (Barbara) said...

Barb -- come on over and I'll make some just for you.

Margaret -- maybe of sprinkle of parsley instead of paprika?

LauraSuz said...

I tried to make deviled eggs about a month ago and failed miserably. My grandma said to me, “You know why they're called deviled eggs, don't you? Because they're hell to make.” So true! I'm going to try again though...sometime

scmom (Barbara) said...

Laura -- do try again. I really think they're one of the easiest things to make, once you get the yolks smooth. The processor definitely makes it quick!