Merciful God, You are great in compassion and Your tenderness for us is without measure. We ask You to give us today our daily bread, and also provide for the needs of all of Your hungry children around the world. Through Christ Your Son and Our Lord. Amen.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ready to Give Thanks


Last evening I went back and read my Thanksgiving Day menu post from last year. I laughed out loud because it says much of what I already said yesterday (I swear I didn't peek), and more. You can read it if you weren't a reader here last year.

I love Thanksgiving for all the reasons I gave last year, and I wouldn't give it up for anything. This year, because of health problems I've had lately, I am ever so grateful that I'm healthy enough to cook this big meal for the people I love. I can even carry that big ol' bird by myself. This year, in particular, I will be more aware of each and every memorable moment and thank the good Lord for all of them.

This year's menu looks much like last year's. I mentioned yesterday that I'm going to try using a rosemary butter, stuffed under the bird's skin, and I'm going to try the upside down method for roasting. My crowd isn't too fussy, so they will eat whatever I serve. I think I'm also going to grill and sauce (BBQ) some big turkey drumsticks and a couple of boneless turkey breasts. There is no such thing as too much turkey around here -- I guarantee it will be gone by Sunday.

Thanksgiving Menu

Scarlett O'Haras (Can't resist that cranberry juice!)
White Bean Dip and Veggie Chips

Roast Turkey and Giblet Gravy

Mom's Stuffing
Sausage Stuffing

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes (heated in the crock pot)
Sweet Potato Souffle
Plantation Beans and Cabbage
Buttered Corn with Bacon Sprinkles

Cranberry Relish
Cranberry Sauce
Old-Fashioned Dinner Rolls

Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake
Hot beverages (pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie!)



Margaret in Minnesota said...

Here is a nosy but necessary question. Do you have a double oven? Because I have a hard time cooking anything else alongside the bird.

Also, when do you make your pies?

scmom (Barbara) said...

Margaret, darlin', I do not have an extra oven. Boo hoo -- my dream kitchen does, but not my real kitchen.(I am investigating replacing my microwave with a convection/micro though.)

I take my turkey out about an hour before dinner and put the stuffing and sweet potatoes in -- rolls at the last minute. It's quite a scene! Of course the whole crowd is in the kitchen too and the kids are trying to snitch bites of roasted skin off the bird. When it's all said and done it's a huge mess (even though I try to wash as I go). We just look past it to the good food and luckily the adults eat in the dining room, so we can pretend the mess isn't there.

In past years I have used a big electric roaster. I slice down the bird and place it in the roaster and plug the roaster in in the laundry room. It keeps it warm and take the heat off me at the last minute. Last year, though, the turkey wasn't done until the very last minute, so that wasn't possible.

My mom bakes the pumpkin and pecan pies, but until last year I always made an apple pie in the morning to go with. I just got up early enough to get the pie done before the turkey went in. We eat at the dinner hour, so it's not a problem. I'll bake the pumpkin spice cake the day before.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

That is always what I have done--cook the turkey first and the sides an hour before eating.

But oh, isn't it fun to plan that dream kitchen?!

PS. My word verification is "rellypop." Doesn't that sound like a British candy?