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Friday, July 20, 2012

Menu July week 4

I have not posted my menus here in a long time. Now that I am eating wheat free, I find menu planning to be very difficult. When I find a main dish I can make, I wonder, "What should I make to go with with it?" It's harder than you think. So I am posting my menus here so I can hang on to them permanently and refer back to them if need be.

I still don't know if wheat free will be permanent for me, but I accidentally "glutened" myself this week when I ate some rye crackers. I did not realize that rye and wheat have the same gluten and I felt really awful after eating them. If that little accident is a hint that I may be gluten intolerant, it will be permanent condition.

Fortunately it's not as hard to be wheat free as I thought it would be. In some ways it's harder, just not the ways I thought. Mostly I am substituting other foods for grains, instead of using other flours in place of wheat. Tonight, however, I made pizza and it wasn't bad, and all the kids liked it a lot. It wasn't my pizza, but it wasn't bad. There is a lot of experimenting I can do, but for now I'm just living one day at a time and trying not to plan ahead too much. At least not more than a week at a time.

steak with salsa verdetwice baked potato casserole, cucumber tomato salad, chocolate gelato, anise biscotti (wheat free)

lunch: lettuce and meat wraps, vegetable chips
dinner: agave and lime salmon, leftover twice baked potato casserole, grilled vegetables

skillet strip steaks with pebre sauce and avocado, oven fried sweet potatoes, peppercorn

Jamie's chicken chow mein (use wheat free soy sauce and wheat free noodles or rice)

shrimp and grits, watermelon slices

Asian barbecue chicken salad (based on the recipe linked to but without the crust), bread for the family

pasta with bacon and summer vegetables (I have not craved pasta but I love this dish, so I will use rice pasta which is available in most grocery stores these days), fresh fruit


Sara said...

One of my friends says she always does Meat +3 (vegetables). I can handle meat + 2, but 3 is too hard for me!

My kids like the rice pasta, just be sure to cook it al dente. It gets super mushy.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Do you mean offering or servings? I eat so little meat I definitely eat three times the vegetables I do meat. I don't usually make three vegetable offerings, however.

Linda said...

As diabetics, we really watch which carbs we choose to eat. Breads and rice appear very rarely on our menus, although we love them. Pasta is just an occasional visitor, too. We usually have a protein, a vegetable dish or two OR a veggie and a salad + fruit for dessert. It used to feel difficult, but it's become so easy now. Good luck on your program...I hope you're feeling better.

Janice said...

If it's helpful, I believe most of the recipes from the lady that did 365 days of crockpot cooking are gluten free. Website =