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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Easiest Margarita Ever

This could be a dangerous thing...this margarita. Dangerously easy.

It could be a before-dinner drink...or dessert. Hey, it could be lunch.

 I have blogged before about they are the quintessential summer drink. I never want a Margarita in the winter. The taste...the's so summery.

 I saw this "recipe" (method) at Pinterest. It originated with Real Simple magazine. I stopped at the store over the weekend to get lime sorbet and wouldn't you know...not a pint to be had at the grocer. I think it is probably because Kroger doesn't have their own brand of lime sorbet. I decided that one scoop of blood orange and one scoop of lemon (Private Selection brand -- and not sherbet) would be pretty good, and I was right. Don't think I'll look for lime sorbet again.

I skipped the sugared rim, and I didn't miss it a bit -- used a spoon until the very last bit had turned liquid.

So, to review this very complicated "recipe" two scoops of sorbet in a margarita glass (or an old fashioned... or a wine glass...or a paper cup...whatever). I highly recommend the blood orange and lemon, but I believe almost any good sorbet would be, strawberry, raspberry...

Pour one (or two) tablespoons of good tequila over the top (truly I didn't measure, and I used silver tequila) and stir. Yummmmmmm...enjoy.


Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

Oh, this sounds perfect! I'm dying to try it right away!

Linda said...

Now I know what I need to pick up for the weekend...tequila! That, and Big Hurt beer for my SIL, the beer connoisseur. Thanks, Barb!

Crafty P said...

Done. Sold! You had me at margarita