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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strawberries, sour cream, and turbinado...oh my

You know about three in the afternoon, when your rear starts to drag, and you seriously wonder whether you can make it until 9 p.m. when you might possibly be able to at least sit, if not lie, down.

I have a little pick-me-up for you.

A little sumpin' sumpin' (no, no, not the alcoholic kind, just the special treat kind).

I had read about these little babies in a few places on the web, but really, they didn't sound so special, until one day I guess I must have actually thought about it, or maybe it was just the arrival of really good strawberries at the grocery store, and I thought, "Hmmm, that might be worth trying."

And I did.

Last evening, Doug took the kids up to the pool for exactly one hour after dinner, and I had all the dinner dishes to wash and put away. But when I finished...I pulled out a brand new, just-bought-that-day quart of strawberries, the (full fat) sour cream (and the Greek yogurt just for testing sake), and the box of turbinado sugar (which had exactly one and one-half tablespoons left in it -- well not exactly, but pretty close. I didn't measure.)

Rinse berries and blot dry with a paper towel. Check. (I washed three)

Stir the sour cream up until creamy and dip two strawberries. I dipped the third in Greek yogurt. Check. (Yeah, just dip them right in the container. Who's gonna tell?)

Sprinkle with turbinado sugar. Check.

Place on a pretty plate and repeat with two more (Or however many you want, but don't share. Do. Not. Share. This is mommy's treat.)

Take plate and sit -- you must sit and enjoy.

Bite the end off and then nibble, nibble all the way around until there is nothing left but leaves. (I tossed those over the deck rail so I didn't have to see them on my plate.)

In no time at all I ate all three and then I.licked.the.plate. I did! Really. Nobody was watching.

And then I went back to the kitchen where I had put everything away because I was so convinced these little babies were going to be no big deal and I got it all back out, except I got the brown sugar out since there was no more turbinado sugar. And I tested it (just for you, my friend) to see if the brown sugar was as good. And it was not. But it was good, so if you only have brown sugar, go for it. But I really do like the crunchiness of the turbinado sugar.

Oh my, just thinking about them makes me anxious for three o'clock. Except I have a sick little chick up in bed and I can't run to the store for more turbinado. I'll just muddle through with brown sugar.

I tell you there might not be enough strawberries left in the world for these babies.

You'll thank me. You will.

PS There was only a slight difference in the ones made with sour cream and the one with Greek Yogurt. I used 2% Fage Greek yogurt, so it could have been the little bit of extra fat from the full fat sour cream that made the difference. Don't skimp here. Go for the real deal, but in a pinch the Greek yogurt will do.


Katy said...

Oh that looks yummy! I had some strawberries that weren't too sweet, so to finish them off, I saved a little cream cheese frosting from the carrotcake I made and dipped them in the frosting - delicious!!

Kelly said...

Oh, those do sound delicious. What a lovely treat! Especially being alone in the house. I get those rare moments once in a great while and when I do it is wonderful. I have seen these several places on the web, too, but after your description I'm actually going to try this the next time we have some strawberries. Thank you for sharing it here.

Linda said...

Oh, yea......:)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like quite a tasty snack!

C Killingsworth said...

Barbara, I pinned this and will definitely be bringing home some strawberries after church today!

I've dipped fresh strawberries in plain sugar, but never thought to add the sour creaminess (is that a word?) to the mix.
Oh and then the brown shuggary flavor in too. Yes, this will be a treat just for me.

Thanks for the idea!
<3 Chris