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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pentecost Dessert

This past weekend was action-packed with cooking. In fact, I felt like I was in the kitchen from Saturday afternoon to Monday night. I don't mind having folks over, but on big holiday weekends it does get to be a lot.

 On Sunday, we celebrated the holiday with my family, because my Mom's birthday always falls right around Memorial Day and we celebrated her birthday. It also happened to be Pentecost Sunday, so we enjoyed two desserts -- both of which would make nice desserts for future Pentecost Sundays.

The first are the Tongues of Fire cupcakes that were posted at Catholic Cuisine. Little Miss Fancy Pants Kelly made those cupcakes pictured at Catholic Cuisine and I'll tell you -- those little tongues of fire are not easy! It would have helped had I purchased the mini marshmallows I was supposed to buy (had three bags of the big kind in my pantry but nary a mini in sight). I made about 100 tongues before I was satisfied with enough for five cupcakes. And then I frosted and sprinkled sugar on the rest. It was 10 p.m. Saturday night and I was done (in more ways than one)!

The cupcakes were yummy red velvet and the frosting traditional cream cheese -- both found here.

The second dessert was a gorgeous fruit tart pie that I first saw at Cheryl's. I looked all over my Podunk little town for a tart pan and came up with nothing. But I was so determined to make that dessert I decided to make it in a pie plate. Bad move. It was pretty, and very tasty, but I pretty much had to dig it out of the pie pan. I guess I'll order a tart pan from amazon because it was good I want to be able to make it over and over. If you want to make it for Pentecost just call it a Fruits of the Holy Spirit Tart. We only had five fruits, but who's counting? I told them to pick their favorite five fruits (of the spirit). I made Paula's recipe (other than using a pie pan instead of a tart pan) just as the recipe was written. Oh, and I heated up some homemade strawberry jam and strained it instead of making the glaze.

I'm linking up to the gals over at Catholic Cuisine if you want to check some other great ideas for celebrating our Church's birthday!


Kelly said...

LOL!! You crack me up. :) I think yours turned out lovely, Barbara. Those marshmallow flames DO take a long time to prep and place, but I would think the bigger marshmallow would go more quickly as you place less on the cupcake. I usually set up a little assembly line with the kiddos (after the first 4 cupcakes and I remember how tedious it is), so then it goes a bit more quickly. Happy Pentecost!

Linda said...

Your tart is SO gorgeous!

Jamie Jo said...

Thank you for being SO honest...I've wanted to make those beautiful marshmallow cupcakes for a long time now and am SO glad I didn't, especially this year!!!

Yours did turn out beautiful though!

That tart is really beautiful too.

noreen said...

I saw your comment and took it into consideration when I made mine this year for my RE class. We talked about it already since our classes ended 2 weeks ago. I did have the mini ones then used a bit of sugar water to help the sprinkles adhere to the marshmallow. It worked like a charm! I used a brand new children's paint brush as my tool.

Even though it worked out so well, I didn't have the patience to make as many per cupcake as Kelly. I only did 4 per cupcake and then tried another method to make the flames out of melted red, orange and yellow Lifesavers. Turned out cute too. Here's a link to how mine turned out.