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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Refreshment


In the summer especially I enjoy having a "house" beverage -- an adult cocktail for which I always have the ingredients on hand -- for happy hour with my husband, or with a friendly visitor. Last summer it was this fun girlie drink, but now cranberry juice is out of my diet, probably for good, so my friend Scarlet has taken her leave.

Gin is one alcoholic beverage that doesn't seem to give me problems, and I recently came upon this yummy beverage which also does not bother me. I combined the Pama and the gin, with cold tonic and a squeeze of lime for a yummy Pom and Tonic that is fruity and fresh and fun. You can make yours whatever size you like -- I use an old fashioned glass -- just use the measurement that suits you. You could also make a pitcher for a crowd -- just add the tonic right before you serve so you don't lose the fizz. Serve over ice and add a lime wedge, squeezing before you toss it in.

Pom and Tonic

1 part gin
1 part pomegranate liqueur
2 parts tonic
wedge lime

Combine over ice and enjoy.


1 comment:

Crafty P said...

ooo! that sounds good! Had no idea there was Pom Liqueur!
Have you ever tried Pimm's? My mom discovered it on a trip to England awhile back and it's a favorite of mine now, too.

Mix ice, lemon, Sprite Zero (or your choice of lemon/lime soda) and enough Pimm's of your liking. Stir and sip!