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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Worth the Extra Money? Naaah


I picked up our turkey the other night at Giant Eagle. Giant Eagle brand turkeys are 29 cents per pound and last year the butcher at Giant Eagle told me that Honeysuckle White packages the turkeys under the GE label (don't forget to grab one or two the day after Thanksgiving). My 20-plus pound turkey was $5.88. I almost felt bad paying such a low price. But, I was grateful.

Today, I stopped in at our local natural foods store (because food at the grocery store is not natural) to pick up some yeast (yeast is much cheaper in bulk -- I buy a quarter pound of baking yeast for $1.00). I was near the checkout when I noticed a sign advertising their (frozen) organic, free-range turkeys. They are $4.07 per pound. That would make my 20-plus pound turkey over $80.

Even if it was the best-tasting turkey in the world, could it be worth the difference of $75? I say, no way. With gravy and cranberry sauce and a bite of stuffing, I can't imagine we would even know the difference.



Barb, sfo said...

I'm with you. I get a "free" store brand frozen turkey after I have purchased over $300 worth of food in the month before Thanksgiving. Not hard to do in this household especially since this is before coupons....I brine the turkey overnight and roast it, and everyone loves how juicy and good it tastes.

If I wanted to spend $75 on meat for a holiday, I'd get a fabulous filet mignon. Or some really good fish. Turkey? I'll take the free one.

Angoraknitter said...

Last month we stopped into our nearest HFS, and they wanted to be sure we'd ordered our organic FR bird. I don't even know what they were charging for them, but they had to be ordered and I would have to treck back out to town (90 miles) just to pick it up. Naah...I'm sure my commissary bird will be fine. Maybe one of these days we'll get an ultimate free range...a wild turkey! I wonder what those cost?