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Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's All in the Planning

I've been a poor blog host lately. Sorry about that. I have beaucoup plates up in the air, and sadly, one is probably going to fall soon. Hopefully not the good china.

Part of the reason I'm feeling like my plates are out of control is lack of planning. I'm usually very good at planning, but lately, I've lost the gift.

Last night's dinner was a good example. On my menu were Ham Hocks and White Beans, bread, delicious French cookies and homemade ice cream. Anyone of these particular dishes, prepared alone, would have been no problem. I had an afternoon at home, and should have been able to prepare dinner with one hand tied behind my back. But poor planning landed three untried dishes on the same afternoon, all of which were fairly labor-intensive.

Fortunately they all turned out well -- the ham hocks and beans and bread were delicious, the cookies tender and buttery, and the ice cream rich and flavorful. But, I was in the kitchen most of the afternoon. Top that dinner with several hours of post-dinner homework helping, packing lunches, folding and ironing until 10, and by the time I got into bed, my feet and legs were throbbing.

All of that was the result of poor planning.

I should never have planned three new dishes on the same night, not to mention three labor-intensive dishes. And I should have done my ironing the night before instead of on an evening when I had much going on in the kitchen during the day.

I know that most people in our society today don't really think of a housewife's work as difficult. Too many cartoon figures eating bonbons in front of the boob-tube, I guess. But, honestly, if you do your job well, it should be hard work -- rewarding, but hard. I think, however, that just like with good business executives, planning is key.



Anne said...

I'm agreeing with you whole-heartedly about housewife work being hard AND rewarding. It sure is.

I've been a horrible food blog host, too. I think as the weather (finally) turns nicer no one's thinking about baking quite as much.

Anyway, it's nice to have a post from you!!

Andrea said...

Planning is always a challenge for me too, but gee you always seem to do such a good job of it.