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Monday, July 1, 2013

Kids Cook -- Rolos S'mores

I'm back, I'm back! For two weeks my entire house was upside down because we were getting new wood floors on the first level. What a mess! I have been informed by several people that it shouldn't been as bad as it was and mostly it was because the installers cut the wood pieces indoors. Why I didn't tell them to set their saw up in the garage? I have no idea. I guess I just thought that's what they do. Never again. Next time I am in charge. They came highly recommended but I think most of their work in the past has been in churches and our local seminary -- not houses!

I got my kitchen back enough to cook on Thursday. Even a homemade salad tasted so good! I am not a fan of eating out and doing that for eight days was almost torturous.

But here we are, back in cooking mode and my little sous chef has a recipe. I am thinking of starting a regular Kids Cook post, so that others can link up and the kids can post their own recipes. What do you think? Faith is game, and she'd love to make some new online friends.

This was not so much a recipe, as a pinterest nab. It's great because the kids can handle the whole thing (with parental supervision) and it can be done indoors (on a gas stove) or out -- even over the grill.

Rolos S'mores

graham crackers (chocolate or regular)

Hold one marshmallow in one hand and push a mini rolo into the center of the marshmallow through the flat part. Take skewer (or stick in the great outdoors) and push it through the rounded part (we do two at a time!). That part can be hard if the rolos are at all cold, so a parent might need to help push the skewer through so that no one draws blood! Roast over flame until golden brown (don't roast too long or the chocolate will ooze out) and then smash between two graham crackers.


Lori N from MN said...

Both my girls think that a great idea and would love to participate.

I was busy out in the yard/farmyard today... and they got dinner in the oven. Naturally there are no pictures.

Will you be doing this weekly? I will try to have something ready next time.

Btw, the kids aare oohing and aahing over Faith's yummy-looking Rolos S'mores. We'll try them as soon as we get some Rolos.


Aimee said...

Yes! This is my kind of s'more! I will make and eat these all by my lonesome since my children don not eat marshmallows . . . I'm okay with that. ;-)