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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Menu...January week 2

I am working my way back into the saddle. On the heels of Christmas closely followed the hospitalization of my mother, (fortunately she is on the mend and I am worrying a little less each day) and then New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and then another weekend of festivities, requiring cleaning and cooking. I feel like I gave two full weeks to hosting events at my house. Heavy sigh.

Now it's back-to-school (homeschool, high school and college) and back to structured days (as structured as one can get with children in all sorts of schedules). Cooking dinner the past few days has been a pleasure -- with comfort foods and just my immediate family to feed. I am mostly trying to use up some ingredients that were bought over the holidays and not completely consumed. I borrowed a book from the library on freezer meals (mostly where you double a meal and freeze half, but also with some tips for freezing parts of meals for later assembly) and am hopeful that next week I can really make a few meals to stash away for a rainy day.

I plan to share the pot roast recipe that I made on Sunday. It was really delicious, and you always use a new pot roast recipe, right?

This week's menu:

homemade pizza, Twelfth Night Cake

pot roast, polenta, bread

omelets, sausage patties, cinnamon scones

green beans, potatoes, sausage (cut up beef franks for the kids), cornbread

Beef and noodles (using up leftover pot roast), peas and carrots, fresh fruit

grilled cheese and soup

chicken and yellow rice, fruit salad


Linda said...

So glad to see you back here, Barbara. I missed this blog every day.

Linda said...

P.S.: LOVE pot roast! Looking forward to your newest iteration! :)

Janice said...

Pot Roast sounds great! Good to have you back! Janice

Jenn King said...

So good to see you back! Pot roast DOES sound good! And beef & noodles, and grilled cheese. Glad to hear your mother is on the mend. Happy New year!