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Friday, December 14, 2012

Pom Ginger Martini

A friend recently recommended this beautiful and very tasty cocktail. I served them for Thanksgiving and I have enjoyed them several times since. My friend Gina sent me a recipe which included careful measures of juice, ginger beer, vodka, a bit of lemon zest and grated ginger, with pom seeds to top it off (or sink to the bottom), but I quickly decided that the Pom juice, the ginger beer (or ginger ale in a pinch) and vodka are really the crucial parts. You absolutely can't forget the pom seeds, though -- after soaking in the alcohol for a bit, they are delightful!

This martini must be stirred, not shaken because of the carbonation in the ginger beer (ale), so just add a few cubes to your glass or shaker and then either spoon them out of strain the martini into your glass.

I use equal measures of all components, but you can make it stronger or weaker to your taste. And for a delightful variation ,try vanilla vodka. Oh Yum!

Pom Ginger Martini
1 serving 

1.5 oz pom juice
1.5 oz. ginger beer (or ale in a pinch) -- non-alcoholic
1.5 oz. quality vodka
1 T. Pomegranate seeds

Pour liquid over ice, stir, and then strain into a glass with a tablespoon or so of Pomegranate seeds.

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Linda said...

How pretty to serve at Christmastime! I'm definitely going to try this one!