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Friday, January 7, 2011

More Wheat


Thank you for your comments on my "Wheat" post below.

As I thought, substituting for wheat is usually either unsuccessful or expensive. I didn't think I would be happy  baking with other grains, and I appreciate that you saved me a lot of money and time trying. ;-)

I think the solution to cutting back on gluten is eating other foods. While I do think that grains are important (I have been raised on the four food groups), I think that we don't eat enough of the other groups and we need to try harder. I need to be more creative in getting my kids to eat fruits and vegetables. While I am perfectly happy eating a large tossed salad, or a clementine, a pear and a banana for lunch, my kids generally are not. I have to suggest them and make them available in edible forms. Having foods like cut carrot sticks, homemade salsa, yogurt with chopped fruit available for snacks will help, I just have to continue to think of new ways to offer fruits and veggies. I think using whole grains helps too -- we are more apt to eat less if we eat whole grains because they are more satisfying all the way around.


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LauraSuz said...

We have upped our intake of veggies and feel better already. When we've upped our intake of veggies our wheat intake naturally goes down a little without eliminating it. I've also started eat better wheats.

Happy Healthy Eating!