Merciful God, You are great in compassion and Your tenderness for us is without measure. We ask You to give us today our daily bread, and also provide for the needs of all of Your hungry children around the world. Through Christ Your Son and Our Lord. Amen.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Menu

I was planning to take it real easy this week with meals -- partly penitential and partly just because I need it to be easy. My husband, however, invited out-of-town friends to dinner on Tuesday. I'm going to be driving around the city picking up kids on Tuesday late afternoon, so I'm planning to grill, rain or shine. I think we'll eat soup and sandwiches the rest of the week.

Lunch: boys at grandma and grandpa's doing yard work
Dinner: Pizza -- I'm going to try this sausage recipe

Lunch: Bacon eggs and Cream Cheese Danish
Dinner: Chicken Tetrazzini, steam sugar snap peas, bread

Lunch: grab a bite out after doctor's appt.
Dinner: Reubens, cole slaw, chips

Lunch: leftover pizza
Dinner: Grilled Pork Tenderloin
(Santa Fe style rub) and Firecracker Salsa, Sesame Roasted Asparagus, Creamy Potato Bake, bread, Fruity Cream Cheese Tarts

Lunch: Chicken noodle soup
Dinner: Sierra Turkey Sandwiches, fruit, cottage cheese

Lunch: Pretzels and lunch meat
Dinner: Chipotle Sloppy Joes, broccoli slaw, fruit

Lunch: bread and cheese and fruit
Dinner: Black bean soup; warm, plain tortillas

* Tried and true
* New to me

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