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Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. George's Dragon


He's not going to win an beauty contests (especially if he gets the gay marriage question), and he's not going to win any taste tests either, but it was fun. Now don't go clicking over to Charlotte's because my poor St. George dragon will just get an inferiority complex.

I did not bake a cake from scratch because then I would have been crushed if it fell apart. And though it was all junk ingredients, it didn't taste all that bad. With a scoop of Breyer's
strawberry ice cream, it was quite passable.

The 411:

(1) Duncan Hines yellow cake
(2) Pillsbury Creamy Supreme vanilla frosting dyed with green food color
(1) Cake Mate orange frosting in a tube (I wouldn't let the kids eat the spikes because this stuff was so vivid)
(4) chocolate Easter eggs
(1) Cake Mate frosting in a can -- black
(3) Twinkies

I used Charlotte's "map"
to cut and place the cake pieces. All in all, it was pretty easy.

Notes to self:
Use chocolate covered grahams set on the diagonal instead of cake spikes.
Cut a larger piece for the head and then the Twinkies will fit better for the eye sockets.
Use orange and red fruit roll-ups for flames.
Charlotte's Kissables on the tail are pretty darn cute, and the white chips for the claws are cute, too.



Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Oh, he's precious! Something about his face makes him look like a baby dragon. The Kissables are totally keepers! Fun, yummy and crunchy!

Jessica said...

OH!! He is cute Barbara!! You did a wonderful job! It IS hard to frost the cake spikes -- ugh! I did that last year, and this year ran to the store to buy some cookies so I wouldn't have to do that again. lol! It made it SO MUCH easier! Happy feast of St. George!