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Friday, February 6, 2009

Cup o' Tea?


I have a bunch of yummy foodie posts in my head, or in the recipe box, as the case may be, honest I do. But there are just not enough hours in the day to get them posted here (or maybe I just cherish a long winter's nap too much). I'll (hopefully) get to them this weekend. I always (like in the last 18 months that this blog has existed) swore this blog would not just become a dumping ground for my menus, but, alas, it has become just that.

I promise. I promise.

In the mean time, I'd like to turn you on to a lovely cup o' tea. My friend Deborah sent me a box of this gold last year. I treasured every single one of those tea bags and have thought of them longingly since the last one disappeared. What I didn't know is that I can actually buy this lovely Irish tea in my own hometown, thanks to World Market. I don't shop there much, since it's not a made in the USA kind of place, but they do have California wines, and occasionally there is something that I really like that I can't buy anywhere else (this soap for one -- I like Lavender -- which for some reason is not available online-- but I only use it on my face so a whole bar lasts six months).

Anyway, I was shopping for soap and happened over by the teas where I spotted Barry's. I was so excited, the kids thought I was nuts. And, I have been enjoying a cup every afternoon since. What a treasure! (Get it? Gold? Treasure? Ah, forget about it.)



Barb, sfo said...

Barry's tea is awesome! My grandmother used to get (somewhere??) the loose kind and make terrific tea.

As to the lavender soap, look on my blog down the right sidebar for "Homecroft Holler" soap & candles. Made right in Columbus, OH. I only get the unscented soap but she has tons of scents and her goats milk soap is amazing.

scmom (Barbara) said...

I'll be checking out that link. Thanks so much for the tip!