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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Gadgets



I went online to the Crate and Barrel website last week looking to buy some replacement glasses. I bought our everyday drinking glasses from Crate and Barrel years ago and have occasionally bought replacements for broken ones. I have been fortunate that they have always carried the same style. Until now. It looks like I can no longer find them, but I spent quite a bit of time on the website hunting.

Though I didn't find the glasses, I
did find a few other things. Crate and Barrel has always been for me a near occasion of sin. There is one trick I use, however, that keeps me in line. I allow myself to only buy sale items (unless it's a really great regular price), and gadgets have to be dirt cheap. I also make a sincere effort to buy only those items that I really need. I know, I don't really need any gadgets, but you know what I mean. No junk just for the sake of buying.

I am really happy with a couple of my purchases and I thought I'd share the wealth with you, at least as much as I am able to share through the "interweb."

The best find, however, I can't even find at Crate and Barrel anymore, just one week later. Maybe I got the last one. In fact, it may be the last one in the entire world because I could only find one picture on the whole interweb. I found it at this one website, but it is five times what I paid at Crate and Barrel. In the five days since I've owned it I have used it to get blondies out of the pan (it's flexible so it bends under bar cookies), scraped roasted potatoes (it's very thin so it gets under them without tearing them apart), and lifted deep dish pizza out of the pan (again, it bends). I'm really sorry I couldn't share the wealth on that one. You would've loved it.

Another great find were these pot holders. They're really cute in person and they are $1.50! The way I go through potholders I should have ordered a dozen (limited quantity on these, so if you like 'em, buy 'em now).

I've always wanted one of these spoonulas, and while it wasn't
dirt cheap, I bought one because I don't have any.

If you go through loads of rubber spatulas when you're cooking, grab a couple of these. It's just a standard rubber spatula with a wooden handle, but it's $1.95, and it's cute. It also takes up to 900 degree heat. They have a radish design for the same price.

My big purchase was a couple of these loaf dishes. What a great deal and that's a regular price. I have been looking at them at the grocery store and Target and they are usually priced higher for a cheaper model. This one is very heavy glass and should bake a nice loaf of bread.

I hope that I have not corrupted you with my finds, but just in case you're in the market, I just had to share!


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Barb, sfo said...

How have you gotten along without spoonulas? They are ESSENTIAL!