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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a very quiet evening at our house last night. No company, save my mom for a few hours, for the first time in many, many years. I think since my oldest was born. For many years we celebrated with a New Year's baby, which is always fun. When the baby (whatever baby was present -- cousins, nieces nephews, sons, daughters) got ready for bathtime and was undressed down to just a diaper, the New Year's hat went on, the horns came out and the cameras flashed. What fun! Whoever was in a diaper was the New Year's baby -- sometimes we had more than one.

But, it's been a few years since we had a baby and this year there was no party, unless you call Robbie Maddison breaking the motorcycle jumping world record a party (I guess my guys did because they all stayed up for it).

Although there was no big party, we had the munchy stuff for a private party and I just want to rave for a sec about this Salsa. This was good stuff. I've also seen it called Cowboy Caviar, but whatever you want to call it, it's yummy. I added a big pinch of cumin to give a southwestern flavor, but it really doesn't need it. And it was even better today -- spicier. I made it early yesterday, but it's great after chilling overnight. I did not use a whole cup of salad dressing -- I was afraid it would taste too sour, but it doesn't (although I still wouldn't add the entire cup). I used my standard cheater dressing, a one to one combination of Girard's Olde Venice and T. Marzetti's Sweet Italian). It may have tasted extra good because I think my body is craving vegetables, but I will definitely make it again.

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Andrea said...

This is the same salsa I took to my sisters on Sunday and it was a big hit there too. I used lemon juice and garlic instead of the italian and added some cumin too. I think this dish is going to enter into our meatless Friday rotation starting now.