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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Peppermint Brownies -- Thumbs Up

I've already posted this recipe, so I'll just link over and leave a few notes.

These brownies are a nice addition to the Christmas cookie platter. I like to add a few bar cookies, and their deep dark chocolaty mint flavor are a nice switch from butter and spice cookies. These are rich though, and I advise cutting them into small pieces, so you just get about two bites out of one brownie. The best way to do that is to line the pan with parchment (if you cut diagonally at the corners, your parchment will lay nice and flat and fit around the corners) and then grease the parchment. Once the brownies are slightly cool, pick the brownies up by the parchment edges and lay them on a rack to cool completely. Once completely cool, you can lay them on a cutting board (attached to the parchment) and cut them into small squares. I probably got at least 40 squares from one batch. I cut my edges off first, so that they look uniform, but you don't have to.

Another note. I spotted Mini Peppermint Patties in the baking aisle at the store and grabbed them. I was being lazy and didn't want to unwrap each patty (pretty lazy, huh?). Well, don't do that. The texture wasn't the same and the ratio of chocolate to mint is not the same. I'm not certain it affected my brownies, but I wouldn't risk it. The beauty of these brownies is that the peppermint patty melts into the batter and you really don't see it (make sure they are completely covered under a thick layer of batter, and don't get them close to the sides -- if the patty gets too hot it will cook instead of melt.




Devin said...

I made these for Christmas!! Oh. My. Goodness. They are absolutely delicious! I think next time I will try Andes mints since they are a thinner mint. Could I use the same brownie recipe for plain brownies? Thank you for a great recipe!

scmom (Barbara) said...

I'm glad they turned out for you. You could certainly use Andes mints, although the chocolate/mint ratio is different there, so you may end up with some chocolate pieces (although that's not a bad thing is it?). You certainly could use this recipe without any candy, or you could substitute another candy. I imagine chopped Milky Way bars would be awfully good!

I have to say I keep catching my kids sneaking these brownies out of the bag -- in the FREEZER. And they are eating them frozen. Desperation.