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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cookie Countdown

Ya know, in my house, Christmas Cookies are a sacred thing. Don't mess with them. I always try to throw in a couple new recipes, and then they sit on the cookie plate. No one will eat them. Every Christmas we have to have the same old combination of cookies, half from my mom, half from me. They (my children, my husband, my brothers, my nieces and nephews) only eat the same ol' cookies every year. You'd think I would learn and quit trying new recipes. But, I don't.

However, if your family is a little less rigid (said with teeth clenched), try the Cookie Countdown. I have no idea how they found me, but they did. You can sign up to receive a new recipe every day until Christmas.

Or, hang out at Mrs. Claus' house. I think she has just about every cookie recipe imaginable.

Marye reminded me that she's doing a Cookie Countdown on Baking Delights, as well. Yum.


Barb, sfo said...

How could I resist? Even if our Christmas cookies must be from the special family recipe and NO OTHER KIND. But I can make any new kind of cookie any other time of year and they are happy for it.

marye said...

Barb, I am doing a cookie countdown weekly on Baking Delights, too, if daily is too overwhelming..LOL!