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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Well, short of a recipe, we might as well talk food. I have racked up quite a few "likes" lately, so I'll share here:

This yogurt tastes pretty dang heavenly. It is made with whole milk (yay!) and the coconut flavor is...yum! (I can only find at Kroger, however.)

 It's actually a little sweet so I add a couple tablespoons of regular greek whole milk yogurt to bring back the tang.

I admit I eat it for lunch almost every day. 

And I add these yummy little nibbles of fruit and nut for a little crunch. Yum!

I prefer the blueberry, but the strawberry is yummy, too.

When I'm not eating yogurt and crunchy fruit and nut nibblets for lunch I'm eating fresh sprouts.

My oldest son bought me this clever gadget for my birthday.

I can start new sprouts every day and have them just when I want them. So far, I have only grown alfalfa sprouts, because they are my favorite, but I want to try some mung bean for stir fries.

This was my first batch. 

And my favorite way to eat them is on a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, out on the deck. With a pickle on the side. Total yum!

I guess I should have titled this post "Yum!"

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