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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Plans

Seven Days and Counting. I tried pretending it wasn't happening this year, but that didn't work. I noticed it just got closer on the calendar. When one hosts an event, it does no good  to pretend it isn't happening. I can't say I am terribly excited to be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I would much rather be invited. But, I'm not. I host and my brothers and their families, and my aunt and uncle, and my mother all come here. I see no way out of it at this point. It seems inevitable for the foreseeable future and that's probably why I'm not excited. It's not really a choice for me, unless I want to ruffle lots of feathers, and that's not me.

So, I must embrace it and pretend like I have a choice. I do have a choice -- in the menu. Maybe I should make meatloaf. Ha!

I mentioned on my other blog that I was not feeling the Thanksgiving love this year and my friend Jennie reminded me that Thanksgiving is easy. And it is. A lot of people get nervous about such a big meal -- getting everything ready at the same time. That part doesn't bother me too much. But it is a big day and a lot of work goes on that day and the days before, so I really would rather be invited this year. Instead I shall just take control of my own menu and keep it as simple as possible.

I purchased a turkey yesterday. He is 22 pounds (he is a "he" because "shes" don't get to 22 pounds). I also purchased a whole breast to roast along side, because we never have enough white meat for everyone, and certainly not for leftovers. I purchased cranberries, celery, oranges and sweet potatoes on Monday, so I'm getting there. Far from there, however.

I decided to simplify my menu a little this year, just because I'm not quite up to my usual spread, but when I wrote it all down I think I only managed to cut out frozen corn and an apple pie. I should have cut out dinner rolls or something, but I can't bring myself to cut out anything else, nor taking shortcuts (buying rolls or cranberry sauce). I asked my family to tell me their "it's not Thanksgiving if _______________ isn't on the table" menu item. Two of the boys said "Sweet Potato Souffle," and Faith said "turkey, especially skin." Doug said "sweet potatoes," but he doesn't mean sweet potato souffle, unfortunately. He means his mother's sweet potatoes which I haven't served for years (since we discovered Sweet Potato Souffle). They are boiled and drained sweet potatoes simmered in brown sugar and butter. They take up a burner on the stove, which is why I switched to souffle. That's what I get for asking. I think I might have to make his up ahead of time and heat them up again at the last minute. I won't make much since everyone else likes the souffle. My oldest hasn't given me his pick, but I imagine it will be Orange Cranberry Sauce.

The menu is below, with simple apps (already purchased), and my mom brings all the pies.

Cheese and crackers
smoked almonds and beer nuts
assorted olives
beer, wine, soda 
(someone else is bringing beverages so I can't be picky)

 Roasted upside-down turkey with Rosemary Butter
Giblet Gravy
My mom's Stuffing
Sweet Potato Souffle
Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes
Orange Cranberry sauce

Pumpkin and Pecan Pies
Coffe and tea and Bailey's Irish Cream


Jamie Jo said...

Too bad, by asking everyone's favorites, you had to add something!! You really should try that bought rolls and cranberry stuff, no one would probably even notice, right? If it's food you make every year, it will go smooth, really, it will.

We usually have my husband's brother and his family over and I'd planned on it this year...but my husband called and cancelled. He wants me to "take it easy" He knows me and knows I wouldn't take it easy unless forced to...I think you are like that.

I did the same thing with the kiddos, "What food do you love best about Thanksgiving and when you grow up, will think 'I can't wait to have mom's ________'"?

They all said different things and I just can't give up anything. (I'm still making the meal for us)

Thanksgiving, of course, is about being thankful, but I think it's mostly about the food.

That's just the way it is.

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Sorry you aren't feeling Thanksgiving this year. It is a lot to have everyone over all the time. Thanks for posting your menu, I'm in charge of the sweet potatoes this year and I'm going to try the souffle!