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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kitchen Apps


My husband gave me a new iPhone for my birthday. I really wasn't sure it would be worth it for me to have one, I don't play games and I thought maybe it would be a little bit of a waste of money. I have found it to be handy during down times, like sitting in an doctor's office, or riding as a passenger on the freeway -- I can check email and Google Reader and generally fool around (something I usually avoid doing).

What I didn't realize until just a few days ago is that there are recipe apps, and grocery list apps, and cooking iBooks that I can access from my phone. I also never realized how often I print recipes -- it's so much easier to just find the recipe on the internet and read it on my phone. It's very handy that way.

Anyway, I downloaded a free grocery list app last night, but then realized that if I wanted to use it the way I wanted to use it, I would have to spend a couple bucks to buy it. I don't mind doing that -- imagine all the paper I would save -- but I want to get a good one if I'm going to buy one.

So, my post today is a bleg -- do you use any cooking apps? Grocery list apps? Would you share your preferences either in the comm box or email me?

Thanks, friends!



Lori N from MN said...

You are speaking a foreign language to me, dear friend -- my cell phone isn't even a picture phone!

We don't have cell service at our house, so I don't even have a texting plan... My older kids are beside themselves - they can't believe my ancient cell phone still works.

So from me, no cooking apps, no grocery list apps, no apps whatsoever! ;-)

scmom (Barbara) said...

Really, Lori, until just a few weeks ago, I texted, but I had no access to the internet from my phone, and certainly no apps. It certainly has opened up a new world, however. I now have my Magnificat on my phone, and I can access the Divine Office from wherever I am. Awesome!

Barb, sfo said...

Barbara, I have an iPod touch and an iPad but amazingly, cooking apps are among the least-used! On my iPad my biggest cooking app is Safari. Yes, the browser.

One BIG hint--get an iTunes gift card and use that to buy stuff. Don't link your iTunes to a credit card. It's just safer that way. And check out for good reviews and info--it's easier to surf that than the iTunes store.

I did a story on some cooking apps recently:

For grocery shopping I like Grocery IQ. It's free, easy to use and VERY complete.

I have also tried Shopper which was a paid app when I bought it. That's good too.

iThermometer is a good reference for the correct temperature to cook different meats.

I also have the Mixing Bowl app and the Betty Crocker cookbook.

Sara said...

No answer from me, just another bleg: post your links. ;-)

MAB said...

I use Grocery Gadget for shopping lists, have done for about two years now. I'm perfectly happy with it.

Safari is what I use, too, to search for recipes. If I find one I like I can instantly email myself a link to the page. Then I can add the recipe to my desktop recipe software.

Julie said...

Paprika Recipe Manager is awesome! Though it is most user friendly on the iPad, still works great on the iPhone and will sync between the two.

Ellen said...

I use My husband is a tech geek and he insisted (after abandoning his iphone) that we both needed Android phones. Anyway, cozi helps me organize my calendar and my menus and my shopping either on my phone or my netbook. I use a free version. I don't know if there's a paid one because I'm happy with it as it is. I discovered it through the Flylady. I hope this helps.

Susan said...

GroceryIQ is my favorite grocery app. It's easy to use, can be emailed, also it can be accessed from different devices. It also has a coupon component. And it's free! For organizing recipes, I like Pepperplate. It's easy to import, edit, and organize recipes. There is a website that can be accessed from your computer. And it is also free.