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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yogurt for kiddies


Back in the post I wrote about my new yogurt maker, a lovely reader, Shaun, mentioned that her daughter likes the yogurt that comes in fun cups and is produced in a color of pink not found in nature (actually Shaun didn't say all that -- I'm embellishing). Shaun felt it would be difficult to convert her daughter to homemade -- the difference is just too much. I can completely sympathize as my daughter thinks that yogurt that comes in crushable cups is "the bomb."

Yesterday, however, when I was stirring a spoonful of strawberry jam into my homemade yogurt, I had a bit of a revelation concerning homemade yogurt and kids who like it sweet and pink. It's possible that a squirt a Hershey's Strawberry Syrup might just make that homemade yogurt a little more palatable. The strawberry syrup is mostly sugar, but since commercial brand yogurt that is marketed for kids is mostly sugar (sugar is the second ingredient in Danimals Crush Cups), you're not doing any more harm. There are, however, other ingredients in commercial yogurt that is not found in homemade, nor in sugar syrup, so I do think it would be healthier overall. Eventually you can cut back slowly on the syrup until it's just a wee bit sweet and pink.

If the kids don't like strawberry, I noticed that has a recipe for milk syrup using packaged Kool-Aid -- in which the flavors are nearly endless (and ingredients are even more controlled by you).

In making homemade yogurt and using a syrup additive, you will also save money. In my yogurt maker post I reported the cost savings in making my own yogurt. It's a remarkable money saver if you, or your kids eat a lot of yogurt. If the kids must have fun cups to eat their yogurt from, either save up some of those plastic cups from the commercial brand, or pick up a few cute melamine bowls with their favorite cartoon characters -- only to be used for yogurt.



Sara said...

Even with the $7 milk I buy, making yogurt is still a big savings---not that I've been doing it lately. I would think you could also use jelly to sweeten the yogurt.

scmom (Barbara) said...

I use jelly to sweeten mine sometimes, Sara, but you know some kids don't even like the texture jelly offers -- little bits of red jam ...ugh! I think the syrup will stir in and make a lovely bright pink yogurt!

Shaun said...

Oh wow, ...

I am totally going to try this, I just hadn't thought of something so simple. Thanks!

They might even like pouring it in swirls themselves (I have gotten my kids to eat a lot of things by letting them swirl in stuff with little squirt bottles - they do this with pasta sauce over noodles, ranch over carrots etc.)

I will try this soon and report back!

LauraSuz said...

Homemade yogurt was the only kind we had growing up. We always wanted the cool store bought kind but our mom never budged, which I completely appreciate now!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Laura -- your mom was was ahead of her time!

Crafty P said...

Love this post, Barbara. I think it's so funny though how my kids will pick up the yogurt at the store and say, "Yeah, mom, you're right, sugar is the second ingrient, that means there's a lot of it in here, right?"

my kids like those crush cups too and we only buy them for "treats" from time to time. I tell them it's their dessert.

I'm leaning towards the yogurt maker purchase.... by christmas.

Kaylan said...

I love the idea of kool-aid - what an easy option. After your post on the yogurt maker I went right out and picked one up for my family and we have been enjoying delicious homemade yogurt ever since - which is made even better by the fact that my hubby grew up on a dairy farm and my brother-in-law, who still runs it, lets us take as much milk as we would like whenever we are out there (talk about amazing ice-cream too!!) My two year old can be picky about the flavor/texture - so I also mix in baby-food purees, which color it up nicely and give it a good flavor.