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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Grapefruit Salad


This recipe is one of those that you might have seen pictured in your mother's, or grandmother's, copy of the red and white checked Better Homes & gardens.  It's homey and old-fashioned, and in this day of exotic fruits available at every grocery store, probably forgotten. But, I love this kind of salad, for its simpleness of preparation and of flavor. In the dead of winter, with not much but citrus, apples, and pears to be found in the produce department (at least that are reliably good), I thoroughly enjoy a salad like this with breakfast for dinner, or Sunday brunch.

 Winter Grapefruit Salad
serves 6

3-4 large grapefruits
12 maraschino cherries, halved and drained on paper towels
2-6 T. sugar, depending on tartness
dash salt

Wash grapefruits and dry with a paper towel. Cut the top and bottom of one grapefruit off, close to the flesh. Place grapefruit on one flat side and being careful to not waste the flesh by cutting off too big a piece, slice the peel off from top to bottom going all the way around, a bit at a time.

Place grapefruit on its side and slice between the flesh and the membrane, removing each triangular piece of grapefruit, going all the way around until all the flesh is removed. Place pieces in a bowl and then squeeze the remaining membranes releasing all the juice into the bowl as well.

Repeat with remaining grapefruits. Add maraschino cherries. Taste a piece of grapefruit to determine how much sugar is necessary and sugar to taste. Add salt. Toss and refrigerate until serving time.



Joseph said...

You can't beat fresh fruit. Thanks for the post.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

That looks so pretty and fancy! (And I love grapefruit!) Bet it would be delicious with ruby red and regular grapefruit mixed. Thanks for this recipe.