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Friday, October 29, 2010

Party Fare


In a few weeks Doug and I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary and Doug will celebrate his 50th birthday -- both events in the same week! How can you not celebrate those events with a bash? We're putting together some lists and trying to figure out what we can serve our family and friends. I threw out a couple of suggestions to Doug and he said o.k. to all, but when I suggested I let my blog readers decide, he said that sounded like a great idea. So over on my sidebar at the top, there's a poll. You can vote on one of the suggestions, or make your own suggestion, either in the com box or email me. I'm anxious to see what you might like. And by the're all invited! ;-)



Sara said...

Sounds like big fun! He'll have been married half his life!

LauraSuz said...

If you go with the 3rd one, which is what I voted for, you should try Polish Mistakes if you never have. They are always a crowd pleaser. Have fun planning!

Crafty P said...

oh how fun! I love parties! Wish I could help... so I voted for heavy appetizers and desserts, but that could be A LOT of work unless you get started TOMORROW! so, my second choice is pulled pork and scalloped potatoes which are easily tripled and good for doing ahead of time.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Sara, Yes he will. I can't wait to remind him!

We call those Hanky Pankies! (although I have no idea why)

I hesitated to put apps on the list because they are a lot of work, not just prep but managing during the party. But I do think people like them, so I'm keeping it open. I think I'll do a dessert bar with whatever I choose.

Ana Maria said...

How about something catered so you don't have to cook ;-)

Ana Maria

Michelle said...

Ah, never miss an opportunity to showcase your cooking. I think the pulled pork menu would be easy (crockpot to keep it warm).

If you do go with appetizers, let me know. I think I'll be doing an appetizer party in early January for my husband's work - commanders are supposed to do an open house for the unit. I have a cookbook that specializes in entertaining made easy, and there is a menu for appetizers that promises half the cooking done days in advance and no cooking on the day of the party. Let me know if you need any ideas, too.

Abby said...

Wow! Congrats to you both! It's five years for me on Nov. 12, and my husband turns 30 the 15th. We both have lots to celebrate in our households!

Barb, sfo said...

Congrats! I voted for the Chili & Coneys--make it fun and casual.

Yesterday at my cousin's wedding, the appetizers included a Chinese stir-fry bar. Your shrimp or chicken with veg and rice was served in a Chinese-food cardboard container with chopsticks (or forks for the not-so-brave.) They also had sliders, mini-hot dogs, and tiny grilled-cheese sandwiches along with the traditional apps.