Merciful God, You are great in compassion and Your tenderness for us is without measure. We ask You to give us today our daily bread, and also provide for the needs of all of Your hungry children around the world. Through Christ Your Son and Our Lord. Amen.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekly Menu


I'm a little last posting my menu this weekend. In fact, I actually did my shopping before I planned everything out. I had a rough idea, however, and plan to make this a livin'-off-the-fat-of-the-land week -- in other words, the freezer and pantry are too full to pack another thing in.

Tonight is our traditional preTrick-or-Treat chili night. We eat it with Fritos or spaghetti -- your pick. So do stop over before you head out for some candy!

Lunch: subs and chips
Dinner: Chili (my mom's) with Fritos or spaghetti

Dinner: Roasted Cauliflower soup and Dough pretzels

Lunch: sandwiches and apples
Dinner: Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, green beans

Lunch: tamales (frozen/heated)
Dinner: Cheese ravioli and sauce, bread, salad


Lunch: Wendy's chili
Dinner: Pancakes, bacon and sauteed apples

Lunch: soup and grilled cheese
Chicken Cordon Bleu, buttered noodles, Mashed Butternut Squash

Lunch: scrambled eggs and toast
Dinner: Black Beans and Rice, bread

* Tried and true
* New to me


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