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Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Kitchen


Sweet Jamie left me a comment saying I should post pictures of my kitchen. I realize if I were cooking for you in person you would see my kitchen, but pictures? It's always so messy! I know, so is yours, but would you take pictures?

Well, yesterday morning after I got a pot of garden vegetable soup on the stove for my lunch, I cleaned up a little and took some pictures. Now, my kitchen is not big. My working space, with an island in the center is about 9 ft. by 10 ft. But, it works, except at Thanksgiving, and then I go nuts with all the people crowding in and no place to move. But, other than Thanksgiving, it works for me. So just a few pictures, folks and you've seen it all. Don't blink.

My new stove -- ain't she pertty? She is, but now I have mismatched appliances. When Doug decided we should buy a new stove instead of repair the old one, he also decided we should switch to stainless (I don't know where that man gets off making all these decisions in my kitchen. You'd think he pays the bills or something.) So now I have a stainless stove and a bisque microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher. I think the microwave will be replaced next.

That's my big pantry to the right of the stove (with the sliding doors -- it was a laundry room when we moved in 11 years ago, and was promptly converted to a pantry. I just couldn't get used to the idea of doing laundry in the kitchen -- very European I think.) The dining room is through the open doorway. I'd like to put a French door there, but I can't convince my handy man.

Standing near the entry way to the kitchen from the front hall. The sink is to the left and the refrigerator is on my immediate right. Obviously the island is right in the middle. I don't know what people did before kitchen islands -- it's where all the action is. I have too much stuff sitting on the back of my counters around the room (I know I should clean them off, but every time I do, it all ends up back there anyway) -- the island is the only place there is space.

My sink -- full of suds -- and window. Whenever I start to cook I always fill the sink with soapy water. Then when a utensil or dish is dirty, it can soak while I cook. I can also use the sudsy water to clean my hands. My Kitchen Madonna is there on the right.

Very typical refrigerator with stuff all over it -- next week's menu, prayer cards, kid art (That handsome man -- no, not the pope -- is my husband. He brought that picture home to me the other day). I also have a small canned goods pantry on the right side of the refrigerator. I keep vinegar and oil and baking supplies in there, also.

That's it -- that's where all the cookin' around here gets done. I hope you didn't blink!



Sara said...

Your kitchen is so much like mine, only nicer! I think our hallway is in the same place as yours, with the fridge (the same one!) next to it. Although we don't have that tall cabinet; we have a regular 1door section where your pantry is. The rest is all the same, even to the mismatched stainless stove, except we lack the appliance garage and all your stuff is way nicer (counters, sink/faucet, cabinets). On the opposite side of the hall, we have a nice 2 door pantry that I really appreciate. I don't think my island is as big as yours and it's a constant battle to keep it clean!

Jamie said...

I love your kitchen! I love your view out your window! I, also cannot begin to cook without getting soapy dishwater ready and wiping those counters off! I feel I'm always trying to de-clutter my counters, only for it to come back!

Boy, ask and I shall receive!! I should have asked for money...:) Thank you so much for sharing your kitchen, we can all picture you making your wonderful recipes in your wonderful working space!

Laura said...

Your kitchen is lovely. Nice stove! I also read your previous post about cooking beer can chicken. When I don't have any beer in the house (which is all the time) I rinse out a soda pop can and fill it 3/4 full with apple juice. I really prefer the taste it gives the chicken. You might give it a try sometime.

Jane said...

Barbara, Thanks for sharing the pictures of your kitchen. Now I can imagine you cooking all the lovely recipes you share, standing at your island. I love your blog and check it weekly for meal ideas.

Anne said...

Thanks for the pictures! What fun! If you think your kitchen is small, you should see mine. I think yours is fabulous and the lighting in there is great, too.

Barb, sfo said...

You have a very pretty kitchen! (And we have the same microwave). My kitchen is 10X10 with no island. I have a SMALL table in there, with 2 chairs that really don't fit in the room, and I use that as a work surface, though right now it's a catchall of miscellaneous containers, lunchboxes, empty (but clean) sweet-tea pitcher...

Margaret in Minnesota said...

The only thing that would improve this post is a picture of you at the counter in a sassy apron.

But that's the only thing.

Thank you for the awesome photo tour! I am looking forward to the day when I'm seeing this all live.

Anneliese said...

I'm enjoying a little visit to your place... you kitchen, your food pictures, wonderful recipes and loved reading your thoughts on the Julia/Julie movie! Thank you.
I feel a warm welcome here. God bless.