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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tea with Jam, Jam and Bread


The other day at the grocery store I spotted some new jars of jam on the shelves. They were stacked on an end cap near the produce department and I guess the plan was that they would catch a customer's eye, because they did. All those rich purple and red jars and the irresistible gingham plaid caps. They were shorter though, and stouter, and they looked more...special. I grabbed a jar of blueberry, because blueberry is my favorite. The label said "Northwoods Blueberry Preserves" -- how could any one resist?

I opened the jar later that night (late dessert) with a fresh, new pack of Ritz crackers.
Mmmm. Little, baby blueberry pies. And then the next morning, I ate it on toast -- homemade challah, no less. Sublime. Could this be a new food group for me? It could, indeed. The label says it has only blueberries, sugar, pectin and citric acid -- that's, like, real food.

The next time I am at the store, I will probably pick up several more jars. After all, cherry is my second favorite, and then who can turn down Pacific Mountain Strawberry or Northwest Triple Berry? The product is
Smucker's Orchard's Finest. It was under $3 a jar at my discount grocer. And it's worth every penny.


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Tara said...

Upon your advice, when I saw this jam I had to snatch it up. I got the Northwest Triple Berry and it is beyond delicious! Thanks for the wonderful blog.