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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Convenience Meat


The last time I went grocery shopping, I bought an extra three or four pounds of ground beef because it was on sale. I used part of it for hamburgers, and while I was making them, I just kept on making them. I eventually used up all the ground meat into little quarter-or-so pound patties. I used to do this all the time but had gotten out of the habit. It's a good habit to be in.

When I form all the ground beef into patties, I can use them for burgers -- I just have to thaw them, season them, and throw them on the grill. Or I can just pull four patties out of the freezer and thaw them for a pound of beef to use in meatloaf or meatballs or tacos, etc. The meat thaws much quicker in patty form, so if I forget to take it out early in the day, it takes only an hour or so to have thawed meat.

Take a pound of ground meat (or if you have a two- or three-pound package first divide into two or three parts) and divide into approximate quarters. Form each quarter into a patty and place waxed paper or parchment in between. Place four in a quart size
freezer ziploc bag or eight in a gallon size freezer ziploc bag and freeze.


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Crafty P said...

what! no comments? That is a sensational tip and I can't believe I've never done that one. i recently just started portioning fresh chicken to freeze in bags with the marinade. what a difference that makes- the meat thaws and marinates and is so tender and flavorific!

I'll be doing this with ground meat the next time I buy it... which will be soon.