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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Over Easy


Tough stuff, I know. Actually this was tough stuff for me. My husband has been putting up with messed up eggs for almost 24 years. He likes them over easy, and I almost always break the yolks trying to flip those suckers over. Or I overcook them. Poor guy never gets them just right.

Until now.


Perfect over easy eggs and I didn't even have to flip.

The Farmer's Wife taught me how. Go see how she did it. Apparently you can teach these old dogs new tricks.



Barb, sfo said...

That's so cool!! I think I'm having eggs for breakfast. I've got to try this out.

KnitTina said...

I've been making eggs this way for years. My Dad taught me. You don't need the ice, crack the eggs into the pan and cover them. Here's the key: check them often. The eggs create their own steam.

Love your blog! I read it every week.

Linda said...

I tried it twice and it's like a miracle! Thanks so much!