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Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Mommy Treat

I am a coffeeholic. I love coffee any time, day or night -- I never turn down a cup. I have, however, been trying to cut down my consumption. I don't think it's doing my heart any favors, and I think, at some point, there can be too much of a good thing. The problem is, I really have this need to have a cup in my possession. I'm like a little kid with my blanket -- my cup is my security.

Since I've cut out my afternoon coffee, I've recently substituted my afternoon cup with one very special cup. And that cup is hot cocoa, but not your average cup of cocoa. This is a really mommy treat.

I mentioned way back in December that Doug's Aunt Karen sent a really special food surprise from Trader Joe's. One of the items in that bag was Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate and I have been hoarding it since December. I'm doling it out one spoonful at a time and savoring every bit. You can use the sipping chocolate and make a very rick dessert type beverage -- sipping chocolate, just like the name states. But, I have found that to be just a tad too rich, so I'm making it into hot cocoa.

The product has only 1 gram of fat for 3 tablespoons of mix. I'm using a round teaspoon, mixed with 8 oz. hot 2% milk, and 1 teaspoon of sugar (or sweetener equivalent). There are 5 grams of fat in an 8 oz. serving of 2% milk, so for a grand total of 5-point-something grams of fat, I am having one-third of my calcium needs met, and filling a need for something warm and comforting. You could use 1% or skim milk and have a satisfying treat as well.



Deborah said...

Mmm... chocolate! That's pretty good in terms of fat and calories too! Lucky you! I think though, that I'll have to send you some Irish tea, along with instructions! I think it's pretty much on par with coffee in terms of caffeine, but lots of antioxidants and supposedly good for the heart. Yep... I will hit the Post Office tomorrow! Look out Barbara! :-)

Barb, sfo said...

That sounds yummy.
I have pretty much gotten used to decaffeinated coffee/tea (and soda). I know about the coffee cup-security blanket thing since I am the same way. I figure the decaf still satisfies my need for the taste of coffee, but is better for me otherwise. said...


I too love a good cup of coffee; well more than one cup that is.

However, lately I have been drinking too much and my body lets me know this. I either don't sleep well at night or my heart races a bit.

I try to switch to decaf coffee in the afternoon or tea. I just love the stuff so much!

The hot cocoa sounds like a nice treat!

Have a great weekend!