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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekly Menu

With all of the cooking that I did for the big party, I'm taking a little break this week from heavy cooking. I also have some extras in the freezer that I want to use up.

At the end of the week is Anthony's real birthday, so we celebrate again! The meal is his choice.

Lunch: quesadillas
(packers: buy!)
Dinner: Spaghetti and Sauce, breadsticks, salad

Lunch: salami sandwich, carrot sticks and ranch dip, cookies
(packers: salami sandwich, carrot sticks and ranch dip, cookies)
Dinner: Cuban Black beans and rice, salad, bread

Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese
(packers: salami sandwich, chips, fruit)
Dinner: Sausage, green beans, potatoes

Lunch: bagels and cream cheese
(packers: chopped ham sandwich, crackers, candy bar)
Dinner: Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit

Friday -- BIRTHDAY!
Lunch: Birds' Nests
(packers: PB&J, chips. fruit)
Dinner: Stromboli, Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon Ice Cream

Lunch: Skyline Chili
Dinner: Grilled burgers, Cajun baked sweet potatoes, Cabbage salad

Lunch: eat out
Dinner: Hungarian Goulash, noodles, vegetable, bread

If you see a recipe you'd like, leave a comment.


1 comment:

marye said...

I just need you to come cook for me this week...'k?
Menu looks great!